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Relaxation Oil Massage

For the mind as much as the body, this massage is for the person looking for a full relaxation experience. This gentle, oil-based massage, involving slow hand movements at a gentle-soft level of pressure, releases stress from the body and the mind.

Surcharges apply for medium or firm pressure.

(Referred to Premium Session)


Traditional Thai

Massage (Non-Oil)

Looking to enhance your Yoga experience or someone who is feeling tight and stiff try the Thai Yoga massage, tailored to your flexibility.

​Using authentic Thai techniques combined with a special form of yoga merging rhythmic massage to assist acupressure along the body. The massage involves stretching the back, neck, shoulders and legs while applying firm pressure to muscles allowing improved blood flow.


Combination Massage
(Thai & Relaxation)

Starting with a Thai Yoga massage followed by relaxation massage, this service includes gentle stretching and massage in combination to relieve stress and tiredness.

Due to time limitation, for massage sessions of 60-minutes or less, oil is applied only to the back.


Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have prolonged or lingering tension in your body? that you want to get rid of-then try our Deep Tissue Massage. This firm, oil-based massage uses thumbs, palms and elbows combined with high-pressure techniques and slow concentrated strokes. Deep knots, tense or unaligned layers of muscles and connective tissue are targeted, relaxing muscles and improving circulation.


Thai Neck and Shoulder Massage

Neck & Shoulder Massage is designed to relieve pain and built-up tension in the neck and shoulders caused by stress and or injury. It can help reduce the occurrence and severity of tension headaches.


Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology) is a massage and stretching in the lower legs and soles of the feet. It assists the body's natural healing process by stimulating pressure points found in the feet. By using their hands, and a rounded wooden stick with Thai balm or oil, the masseur is able to apply pressure to specific points on the foot causing a reflex action in another part of the body to be stimulated.


Gift Certificate

Now you can give the person you care about moments of tranquility and relaxation

Used in conjunction with our special Thai Balms, Thai Foot Massage soothes and revitalizes tied sore the feet, defuses stress, restores the internal balance and leaves a feeling of total relaxation and well-being.

Benefits of Thai Foot Massage

  • Improves blood circulation in feet and legs

  • Reduces pain & stiffness and improves flexibility

  • Soothes and revitalizes tired sore feet

  • Encourages physical healing

  • Leaves you with a general feeling of calmness and well-being


After completion of the body massage

After completion of the body massage

• We finish with the upper body stretching and freshen up your body with a hot steam towel, helping relax the muscles.​
• Please be aware that Three Sisters Traditional Thai Massage • Provides a non-sexual service. Verbal, non-verbal and physical sexual harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances and would result in immediate termination and further action will be taken
​• Before any massages please notify us of any health problems or concerns you may have. For example, if you are pregnant or recently have had surgery.
• If you would like to have a couple's session, please make an appointment before you arrive.
• Please be advised that the payment cannot be claimed with any health funds.

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